Total Management: Connecting You

With the Total Management system, Dealership Software combines six unique programs into one comprehensive suite, allowing you to easily access all aspects of your business in one convenient location.

In this way, Total  Management connects you to your business on a previously unachieved level by seamlessly connecting each element of your business to the others. Management of your business becomes faster and easier, and your business’s needs and performance are easier to assess.

The Total Management System allows your company to access resources, survey data, and make connections like never before

Management Tools Designed for RV Dealerships

Integrate six programs into one dashboard system!

Customer Relations Manager

Keeps track of your relationships with present and future customers.

Technician Work Center

Features a daily login and logout for employees and offers convenient labor tracking for technicians.



Integration of QuickBooks allows for direct processing of revenue and sales, eliminating manual entries.


Parts and Service Manager

Tracks technician productivity and service orders.


Sales Manager

Provides powerful selling tools to close deals and manages contract printing.


Point of Sale

Handles various payment methods, bar code needs, and inventory analysis.

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