RV Dealership Software: Revolutionary, Easy to use and highest ROI.

RV dealership software

With the Total Management system,  RV Dealership Software combines six unique programs into one comprehensive suite, allowing you to easily access all aspects of your business in one convenient location. In this way, Total Management connects you to your business on a previously unachieved level by seamlessly connecting each element of your business to the others. Management of your business becomes faster and easier, and your business’s needs and performance are easier to assess. RV dealership software allows your company to access resources, survey data, and make connections like never before.

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 Sales Manager
•Provides powerful selling tools to close deals and print contracts
•Includes a comprehensive Menu Selling System
•CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Parts & Service Manager
•Allows customer, dealer, warranty(s) and insurance pay codes on the same service order
•Displays Supplier Catalogs for easy part selection
•Bar Code Scanner to track technician productivity and service orders
•Automated Time Clock – featuring employee daily log in and log out and labor tracking for your technicians.
•CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Point of Sale ( POS )
•Features a friendly touch screen user interface.
•Accommodates payment of cash, check, credit card, returns and voids
•Prints Bar Codes for hard to scan items
•Handles out-of-stock and override items
•Includes Sales Analysis tools

Accounting Integration
•With Total Management and QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions integration, you can process deals completed in Sales Manager, revenue from Parts & Service Manager, and retail part sales to eliminate manual entries.

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RV dealership software

See it in Action! Click video to see the demo.

See it in Action! Click video to see the demo.

With eWebRenter,
• All critical data is at your fingertips.
• Quick input allows efficient processing of customer quotes. While your customer is on the phone, you can produce a quote.
• Fleet availability and pricing information.
• Send your customer the contract automatically using our built-in email application.

Windows-driven menus provide easy maneuvering
• Features such as drag-and-drop scheduling,
• Instant updates and much more.

Save Time
• Now you can streamline your business operations and provide efficient customer service on time,  every time.
• With a simple key stroke, you can view and print rental bookings
• Review cash flow and revenue projections
• Track your fleet maintenance schedules.
• Provides a variety of reporting and tracking options that are vital in managing your day-to-day operations.
• eWebRenter provides private, detailed utilization and financial statements with “Owner Rental Programs” and “Lease Back” operations.

• Accounting is dependable and easy with our QuickBooks® integration.

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